Considering the environment in which safety eyewear is required, customary prescription glasses would not be capable of withstanding the possible impact encountered. The contact resistance these glasses possess is insufficient and could lead to safety concerns. However, glasses and goggles crafted specifically for these conditions flaunt exceptional impact resistance through the strengthening of their lenses and frames and are deemed “safety” eyewear. 


What are the types of and/or modifications available for prescription safety glasses or goggles? Two types have arisen: basic impact and high impact. At Des Plaines Eye Care Center, we solely use high impact lenses for the benefit of our patients. As for modifications, there is a finish available called “anti-reflective coating.” This addition works to eliminate lens reflections that may cause unnecessary vision obstructions. However, this finish does have the tendency to reduce the strength of the eyewear’s impact resistance, making a resistance test following the modification essential. 


What are the requirements to buy a pair of prescription safety glasses or goggles? The patient is mandated to present a prescription written by a licensed eye care professional prior to purchasing.


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