What exactly is myopia and why is a Myopia Control center needed? At face value, myopia exemplifies nearsightedness. Patients experiencing myopia have little to no issue seeing close-by objects, however, distant figures appear blurry. Contact lenses or glasses are traditionally used to correct this discrepancy.  Myopia can develop at any age, but is typically seen to commence progression in children. 


So, why is myopia control necessary? Myopia has several detrimental manifestations stemming from its advancement. These progressions are seen as retinal holes, tears, or detachments, a two-fold increase in likelihood of cataract formation, heightened glaucoma prevalence, and macular degeneration amongst additional consequences such as eyeball elongation. Therefore, myopia Control centers are crucial as they take the necessary measures to detect and treat myopia at all stages.


How do we, as a Myopia Control Clinic in Des Plaines, work to control myopia? We utilize four strategies:

1. Orthokeratology lenses

2. Bifoacals/Progressive lenses

3. Multifocal contact lenses

4. Atropine Drops


What are risk factors associated with myopia development? 

1. More than 1.5 hours of technology use per day

2. Myopic parent(s)

3. Not enough time outdoors

4. Race


So when you search for a myopia control center you know exactly where to find us!  


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