What is an eye foreign body and how does it affect vision? Optical foreign bodies are materials that have adhered to or become embedded in the cornea. These materials can be anything from an eyelash to dirt or sand. Seemingly innocuous at first, these adhesions can lead to pain and visual complications such as edema of eyelids due to a prolonged inflammatory response, conjunctiva, and infection and/or ocular necrosis if not promptly and properly removed. Even though it is possible for the foreign material to dislodge on its own, attempting to remove the substance yourself can worsen the circumstance and lead to expedited side-effects.


What does it mean that Des Plaines Eye Care Center specializes in eye foreign body removal?  


Our doctors perform foreign body removals in-house. They work to make the process as simple and comfortable as possible for the patients. First, the patient’s affected eye is numbed with anesthetic eye drops to counter any pain or uncomfortable sensations. Following the numbing, our physicians use foreign body-specific tools and techniques to safely and efficiently remove the harmful agent. 


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