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We are constantly learning, training, making further progress and perfecting ourselves.


In order to ensure the highest level of diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, we have selected the best experts in ophthalmology, ready for continuous education. Regardless of rank or status, our center's doctors regularly attend international conferences, present their work results, and look for new technologies and approaches that can improve the quality of our patients' treatment. Their job, namely examination, treatment, surgery, and other medical and optical services, can be evaluated by our patients. It's of great importance to know what our customers think of us. We will be grateful to everyone who shares the experience of service in our clinic. We publicly post reviews on our website for your consideration and assessment of our activities.


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I had a prescription and was shopping around to not pay a fortune for glasses.  Because my prescription is difficult to make, I was turned down by a big box place optical department because their lab couldn't make the glasses I needed.  Des Plaines Eye Care had a reasonably priced frame that met my need, and their lab could make the difficult prescription lenses.  The glasses came in with circular bi-focals instead of the straight line bifocal I requested.  A week later I took them back and they agreed they were not what the customer requested and had the lenses replaced.  They were professional in taking care of my needs.  I'll gladly get glasses there again.

The greatest optometrist place I have ever been at. The doctor is amazing! She understand what she is talking about and will get you out of the door with a pair of new glasses in no time. Great selection of frames. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Well organized office. I would recommend this place to any and all that are interested in getting a pair of glasses.

Hristian Tountchev. Review source :

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The doctor took her time to explain everything about my eye health in details. They didn’t rush me to pick glasses, they took their time to help me pick the best pair for me which I absolutely love! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Vicky Graner. Review source :

Was surprised by the professionalism of those people there. Highly recommend them.

Nick Todorov. Review source :