What is dry eye syndrome?

It is also known as dry eyes, but the official name for dry eye syndrome is keratoconjunctivitis sicca, which results due to decrease in moisture and lubrication in the eyes. As a result of which, tear production is greatly reduced or the tears tend to dry up too fast. It is characterized with the eyes becoming swollen and experiencing dryness or redness in and around the eye area.

What are its symptoms?

This condition tends to affect both eyes, with symptoms manifesting in the following ways:

Itching sensations.

Mild to severe irritation around the eyes.

Eyes turning red with a burning sensation.

Eye lids are stuck together after waking up.

Sensitivity to light.

Double or blurred vision that lasts temporarily and clears after blinking.

How can it be treated?

Till date a single cause has not been discovered for dry eyes – it has been attributed to several reasons such as wearing contact lenses, resulting due to side effects of medications, hormone-related changes, constantly being in humid and windy climates, etc.

Dry eye treatments vary depending upon the seriousness of the condition. At Des Plaines Eye Care Center, we examine the problem and provide solutions accordingly. If the issue is minor it can be cured with eye drops that help in lubrications or medicines that soothe the inflammation. Surgery is only recommended in severe cases when dry eyes are caused due to underlying medical problems.

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