What is diabetic eye disease?

The root cause of this condition is diabetes mellitus, more commonly known as diabetes. The blood vessels in the retina are severely affected due to the increase of blood sugar levels in the body, which leads to eye problems including vision impairment or permanent blindness.

What are the diabetic eye disease treatment and symptoms?


If someone is diagnosed with diabetes, diabetic eye problems often take a long time to appear, making it difficult to find a suitable solution. There are several diabetic eye disease symptoms such as:

Frequent instances of blurred vision.

Seeing spots and strings in the line of vision.

Sensitivity to light.

Vision tends to fluctuate at times.

Trouble in identifying and distinguishing colors.

Blind and dark spots in vision.

Loss in vision.



Any problems with vision (including diabetes eye problems) should never be neglected, because such conditions worsen with time. Remember – the quicker we detect the issue, the faster we can begin the treatment.

Two of the most commonly used treatment methods are:

Laser surgery – It causes the abnormal blood vessels in the retina to shrink, thereby restoring vision or at least part of it.

Vitrectomy – If there has been an accumulation of blood in the center of the eye, an incision is made and the blood is removed with the help of a tiny instrument that is inserted into it.

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